Switchmate's Mission

Switchmate Home LLC is dedicated to improving the consumer lifestyle with home automation products that can be installed in seconds by anyone and everyone.  The Switchmate one-second installation smart lighting is the first of many products that will be introduced by the company over the coming years.

Switchmate's Origin

The original Switchmate concept was created by Robert Romano and Ashish Dua, Stanford graduates with Master’s Degrees in engineering.  In 2015, Robert and Ashish met with Dean Finnegan, who formed Switchmate Home, LLC in January 2016. The company started mass production in June, and is expected to produce 1.2 million units in their first year with distribution in over 18,000 retail store fronts by October. We started Switchmate to design the perfect smart lighting solution - one that is simple to set up and makes your everyday life just a little bit easier. We think we've done just that.

Switchmate's Future

Switchmate is the first of many products that the company will release over the next year. All products released will have that same standard of true plug-and-play simplicity. This simplicity is what will differentiate Switchmate from any other home automation company because it allows anyone (from young children to the elderly) to install and utilize Switchmate Home products within seconds. Finally, an affordable and simple home automation solution for everyone.

Dean Finnegan CEO
Mike Hughes CFO
Franca Burgan General Manager
Melinda Finnegan SVP of Sales
Richard Burns VP of Sales
Val Rogers Director of Sales Administration
John Cottle B2B Account Manager
Kelly Sanchez VP of Operations
Arthur Green Director of Operations
ShinPing Huang Supply Chain Operations
Lloyd Teo SVP of Product Development
Max Tseng Product Development
James Lin Director of Product Development
Craig Finnegan VP of Software Development & IT
Owen Brown VP of Software Development
Dennis Slone Project Manager
James Langdon Software Development Lead
Kathleen Cutts QA Manager
Shwu Fei Tan Technical Lead & QA
Ashley Tillinghast VP of Marketing
Sarah Slagle Director of Marketing
Corwin Walsh Social Media & Customer Support
Bunny Guo Graphic Designer
Matthew Liu Graphic Designer